The Timeline of American Literature

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Time Literature American history European and world events
1st half of the 17th century - 1601-1650 Anne Broadstreet 1607 Jamestown founded;1620 Myflower Puritans 1619 Slaves from Africa came to southern colonies; 1624 Virginia became an English royal colony
17nd half of the 17th century Indian Wars (1675-76); New York becomes an English royal colony  
2nd half of the 18th century T. Paine, T. Jefferson French and indian War; Boston Tea Party; 1776 Declaration of Independence British stamp act; 1783 the USA became independent, Britain lost American colonies
1st half of the 19th century Washington Irwing (1809-); J. F. Cooper; N. Hawthorne (1843), H. Melville (1846); H. W. Longfellow (1832) Westward expansion; mexican War (1846-48); Gold Rush in California (1849) romanticism in European literature; the era of revolutions
2nd half of the 19th century Mark Twain (*1865); L. M. Alcott (*1868); H. James (*1891); S. Crane (*1893) Th. Dreiser (*1900); W. Whitman (*1865); E. Dickinson (*1862) A. B Lincoln (president 1860-1865); American Civil war (18611-65) realism and naturalism in literature
1900 -1920 J. London (1903; O. Henry (*1904); Upton Sinclair (*1906); F. S Fitzgerald (*1920); S. Lewis (1920), J. dos Passos (1920) 1901 Theodore Roosevelt elected President; 1917 The USA enter the War; 1920American Women given the vote WW Ist in Europe
1921-1930 W. Faulkner (*1926); E. Hemingway (*1926) 1927 The first nonstop sol flight across the Atlantic; 1929 the Great Depression begins the Great Depression aftereffects in Europe
1931-1940 Henry Miller, E Caldwell, J. Steinbeck, R. Chandler the Great Depression continues, 1933 F. D. Roosevelt elected the President 1939 WW IInd begins in Europe
1941-1950 S. Below, M. Mc Carthy, E. Welty, N. Mailer, I. Shaw, R. Bradbury, T. Williams, A. Miller 1941 Jpanes attack in Pearl harbor; the USA enter WW II 1945 The War ends in Europe and in the Far East
1951-1960 J.D. Salinger, K. Vonnegut, J. Kerouac, V. Nabokov, Ph. Roth; S. Plath (poetry); E. Albee (drama) 1950-53 Korean War; Mc Carthyism (1950-54); Kennedy elected the Presicent (1960) the era of "Cold war"
1961-1970 J. Hellerr, T. Capote, W. Styron, J. Updike 1962 Cuban missile crisis; 1963 Kenendy assassinated; 1963-73 Vietnamese War; 1968 M. L. King assassinated; 1969 U.S. lands the first man on the moon ......
1971-1985 J. Gardner, E. L. Doctorow ....... Watergate scandall; 1981 Reagan elected the President ....