Přednáška pro informatiky - Linked Open Data: Current State and Future Trends

Napsal uživatel marba dne 31.10.2016 - 14:53

Zájemci z řad našich informatiků jsou srdečně zváni na přednášku, která se koná na FI MU Brno, Botanická 68a.

Téma: Linked Open Data: Current State and Future Trends

Přednášející: Doc. Mgr. Martin Nečaský, Ph.D., MFF UK, přednáší v angličtině

Kdy: úterý 8. 11. 2016 od 14 hod.

Kde: posluchárna D2 

Abstrakt: Linked Open Data is a set of simple principles for publishing and accessing structured data on the Web. In this lecture, I will present these principles and show you the motivation for publishing data in this way. There are two interesting research challenges we will discuss in the lecture. First, it is how Linked Open Data should be discovered on the Web by users such as data journalists. Second, how the data published according to these principles should be processed by these users who are not familiar with technologies behind Linked Open Data (such as, e.g., RDF and SPARQL). I will present the state of the art in this area and also research activities of my research group. Besides these research topics, I would like to share with you also our activities in the area of Open Data. Because having Open Data is a necessary predecessor of having Linked Open Data. Therefore, I will walk you through our distressful journey from Open Data ideas to their implementation in Czech legislation.